Daniel Himschoot Stunt Showreel

Daniel Himschoot is a professional stunt performer and has been in the Stunt Industry since 2009.

He came into the industry specializing in Parkour and Freerunning. His first job was a commercial for Mattessons. There he got to show off his parkour skills while he was only 17 years old at the time.

Once the job was done Daniel quickly got the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge in various disciplines and skills. Over the years he got to work both locally and internationally as a stuntman in both Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Experience Highlights

In 2016 He got nominated for Best Fight Category for Mad Max on Taurus World Stunt Awards.

He received Honors Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance for Mad Max : Furry Road

Some of Daniel’s recent work includes:

Shamshera, Vagrant Queen, The Watch, Escape Room 2, RRR, Bloodshot, Raised by Wolves, Warrior season 2, Noughts and Crosses season 1, Thugs of Hindustan, Monster Hunter, The Last days of American Crime and many more.

Watch him in another video and a short action film.

To become a stuntman he is today it took many years of hard work and training in various disciplines to gain the skills needed to become successful in his craft.

During his career he has used the knowledge to create some of the best action packed scenes in movies, series and documentaries that you get to see in cinema or on your TV at home.

Some of the skills Daniel has acquired  include:

Acrobatics, parkour, archery, falls, stair falls, horse riding, gun handling, sword / weapons fighting and wire work.

Daniel has also had the opportunity to work as a fight choreographer which allows him to work closely and behind the scenes with actors, stunt coordinators and directors.

Fun fact!

He is one of the CEOs and Founders of DUDGX Blockchain and is know as V4ul4k in the DUDGX  Community.

Marko Nikolic Beast Mode

He run 1000 km from Nis-Serbia to Athens to raise money for a baby Teodora a child in need of bone marrow transplant.

Axe vs Sword

Small quick Fight Sequence put together by Stuart Williamson and Daniel Himschoot.!!

Edited By Stuart Williamson

Filmed by Dewaldt du Preez with Go Pro3+

Toni Jean Show Reel is on Fire

Toni Jean Erasmus is a talented Professional Stunt Performer, Actress and Voice Over artist.

She has been in the Stunt Industry for only 3 years now but she has advanced in many different disciplines making her Jill of all trades.

Check out her showreel and see for yourself. This girl is on fire!

Surfer & Musician Ryan Heathcote

Dreamy music and blue skies, makes me daydream about relaxing on the beach.

Caprice Masinga

Caprice Masinga is a Professional Stunt Performer, an Ex Circus Performer and a K1 Champion Fighter.
He has experience in many different disciplines and has been in the Stunt Industry since 2008.
He speaks French, English and Lingala. In his free time he loves to train MMA & Jiu-Jitsu.

Christy Morocos

A ballerina with kick ass moves
Chirsty Morocos has established herself well as a Stunt Woman both locally and internationally.

Shaun Verth Parkour & Free Running

He is always on the move, ready for a challenge and ready to jump over any obsticle.

Toni Jean Game Over

Toni Jean Erasmus is South African based actress,stunt woman, dancer and voice over artist. She has graduated from Musical Theater and Performing Arts University of Tshwane. That’s what makes her an amazing stunt performer. Watch this epic fight between Toni and Stuart Williamson, Mortal Combat Style.
Toni Jean Erasmus Kicks ass in this one!
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