Son of Leto

Get your Rock on with Son of letto internationaly worthy Alt Rock Band!

Son of Leto, Greek God of music, poetry & lyric, is no myth! His blazing spirit relocated to sun kissed Cape Town and is personified by a New Alt four piece band.

Meet The Band

Samuel Hyde - Front Man/Keys
Denise Onen - Bass synth
Joshua Buchalter Guitar
Daniel Pulse -Drums

This talented foursome has had much success in the past year from touring in Hong Kong to playing gigs almost every weekend in South Africa.    

There is another tour on the way during this year to be announced!

For them, pushing beyond the divine boundaries of music, sound & performance is the order of the day!

The Music

Their debut single ‘Pharisee’ was met with critical acclaim after bursting into the top 20 charts. 

Secret Sunrise’, their second rock-electro single, is widely play-listed on national radio stations. 

The band have just released ‘Soldiers’ a song created to illuminate the dimly lit corridors of socio-political topics. Receiving 1000’s of streams in its first few days of release. ‘Soldiers’ will be accompanied by a music video in the style of a short film.

The song is filled with messages of hope,pride and resilience and is told trough the eyes of 9 characters. Many can relate to this song as it takes broad generalized issues and filters them into personal and intimate feel.

You will be definitely touched by this song as it’s full of emotion and encouragement. 

Prepare your mind. Open your ears.

Son of Leto is here to radiate your soul!

Written by : Samuel Hyde, Joshua Buchalter & Denise Onen.
Produced by : Ben Brukman
Recorded at : COSHER Studios

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  1. This is how everyone should write songs … Beautiful, beautiful to hear. Love it

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