In Praise of Action

Stunt Industry is getting more and more extreme and there is a high demand for super skilled stunt man and woman who sometimes put everything on line to make the shot happen.

There are more and more action movies being produced and the demand and the bar for extreme action scenes is getting set higher. It is a tough competition and the more extreme,the better.

But sometimes that can cost you everything.

Unfortunately until this day Stunt Performers and Stunt Coordinators aren’t properly recognized, even tho they are the ones that make all the action and director’s vision happen. Hard work that goes into creating an action film can take from a month,up to a year.

From around the world Stunt Communities have attempted to get the recognition that they deserve sadly without success.

Watch this eye opening  Stunt Documentary that will show you a different perspective on action and work that goes into making an action film.

Independent Documentary Film about stunt-people and their recognition in the film industry. Without their selfless contribution to film, the movies we know and love, would not be nearly the same.

Directed by

Aiste Jauraite & Skaiste Jauraite


Abbi Collins

Bobby Holland Hanton

Jeff Wolfe

Jim Dowdall

Tomas Ereminas

David Holmes

Sarah Franzl

Olivia Jackson

David Grant


United Kingdom


United States


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  1. Such an amazing documentary explaining the passion, hard work and dedication of stunt performers. I recommend to everyone to watch this documentary and understand stunt industry more ♥️

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