Month: February 2019

Ian Williamson Fail &Bail

Ian Williamson fails as his friends watch him go for a backflip.
I can’t stop laughing 😀


Ian Williamson
Minky Ndlovu
Trevor Frost
Matthew Van Leeve
Shaun Verth
Zahir Carlie
Armando De Leca


League of Legends, which has its own fictional K-popgroup!

The K/DA series (referred to simply as K/DA) is a new line of skins released in League of Legends, a famous online game by the company Riot Games. The line includes four characters, namely Akali, Ahri, Evelynn and Kai’Sa.

These skins are inspired by K-Pop idol groups and are known for their sexy and cool visuals.

It’s all part of the world of League of Legends, which has its own fictional K-popgroup.



Axe vs Sword

Small quick Fight Sequence put together by Stuart Williamson and Daniel Himschoot.!!

Edited By Stuart Williamson

Filmed by Dewaldt du Preez with Go Pro3+

Toni Jean Show Reel is on Fire

Toni Jean Erasmus is a talented Professional Stunt Performer, Actress and Voice Over artist.

She has been in the Stunt Industry for only 3 years now but she has advanced in many different disciplines making her Jill of all trades.

Check out her showreel and see for yourself. This girl is on fire!

Rowdy Baby

Surfer & Musician Ryan Heathcote

Dreamy music and blue skies, makes me daydream about relaxing on the beach.

In Praise of Action

Watch this eye opening  Stunt Documentary that will show you a different perspective on action and work that goes into making an action film.

Caprice Masinga

Caprice Masinga is a Professional Stunt Performer, an Ex Circus Performer and a K1 Champion Fighter.
He has experience in many different disciplines and has been in the Stunt Industry since 2008.
He speaks French, English and Lingala. In his free time he loves to train MMA & Jiu-Jitsu.

Christy Morocos

A ballerina with kick ass moves
Chirsty Morocos has established herself well as a Stunt Woman both locally and internationally.

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