Month: January 2019


Bounty Hunter works on catching a Wanted man.

Will he succeeded?

Find out…

Filmed by 

Ian Wiliamson

Scott Kirkbridge

Edited By

Stuart Williamson

Fight Choreography By

Stuart Williamson

Bronwin Octobar

Jenny Umbhau

She has a variety of skills and is know as “The Ninja” in the South African Stunt Circles.

Bronwin October Profesional Stunt Performer

Bronwin October is a South African Stunt Performer

Sabotage Elite

 Sabotage Elite is One of the top South African Parkour & Free Running Teams.

Their group features members of diverse artistic and athletic backgrounds.
They have gained experience and a great reputation in film and entertainment industry and are named as one of the best South African Parkour Teams.

Shaun Verth Parkour & Free Running

He is always on the move, ready for a challenge and ready to jump over any obsticle.

Toni Jean Game Over

Toni Jean Erasmus is South African based actress,stunt woman, dancer and voice over artist. She has graduated from Musical Theater and Performing Arts University of Tshwane. That’s what makes her an amazing stunt performer. Watch this epic fight between Toni and Stuart Williamson, Mortal Combat Style.
Toni Jean Erasmus Kicks ass in this one!
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